Community Spotlight: James Huff (MacManX)

Community Spotlight: James Huff (MacManX)

Providing support on the forums is one of the easiest ways to contribute to WordPress and those who do are some of the unsung heroes of the project. One of those heroes is James Huff known as MacManX on the forums.

Huff has been supporting users for 13 years and recently celebrated an awesome milestone reaching 50K replies.

In this spotlight, we learn what drives Huff to provide support, what he’s learned, and what users can do to improve the likelihood a support request will be resolved.

What drives your desire to help people with WordPress on the support forums?

I like helping people succeed with WordPress. It’s kind of a legacy for me, because you never know if solving one blocker will lead to a life-changing site or service. If anything, I hope I made a few days better for a few folks.

Any trends or common issues you’ve noticed in the past few months/years?

Nothing out of the ordinary. Plugin and theme conflicts will always be the most common.

What tips or suggestions do you have for users to increase the likelihood of solving their problem?

Try the Health Check plugin first, its Troubleshooting Mode is great!

What lessons have you learned by providing support in the forums?

I learned about almost everything I have done to customize my sites first by helping someone else do it. Overall, I have learned quite a bit about WordPress just by helping other people.

To learn more about James and how he got involved with supporting the WordPress community, watch this presentation by Andrea Middleton from WordCamp Seattle 2017.

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WPWeekly Episode 318 – Happy 15th Birthday WordPress 0.70

WPWeekly Episode 296 – Gutenberg, Telemetry, Calypso, and More With Matt Mullenweg

In this episode, John James Jacoby and I look back at 15 years of WordPress. We discuss the journey so far and where we think the project is going. Hint, it involves JavaScript. We also do a bit of self-reflection on how WordPress fits into our lives and where we see us fitting into its future. For giggles, we did some WordPress trivia as well.

Stories Discussed:

Matt’s Birthday Post
WordPress Now Available
WordPress Release History
#wp15 on Twitter

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Wednesday, June 6th 3:00 P.M. Eastern

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Five leading jQuery plug-ins that will integrate your Instagram feed into your WordPress website – Irish Tech News

Five leading jQuery plug-ins that will integrate your Instagram feed into your WordPress website - Irish Tech News

Irish Tech News

Five leading jQuery plug-ins that will integrate your Instagram feed into your WordPress website
Irish Tech News
WordPress is the world’s leading CMS, and Instagram is the world’s largest photo sharing app. It is only fair that website developers and social media marketers are trying to combine the power of the two to rule their respective target markets. There

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How WordPress Can Take Over The Rest of the Web in 2018

How WordPress Can Take Over The Rest of the Web in 2018

Who could have ever thought that an ordinary blogging website could grow to power 30 percent of the web? WordPress is today’s fastest growing CMS. Its fast growth and development have amazed the world.

They have achieved a lot in a very short time and the businesses, developers, and marketers are now eager to know more about their future endeavors.

Here are the major releases that it is going to address this year:


This beauty has been under development for the past 11 months and soon it will be ready. The launch of the new editor interface for the platform is expected in the year 2018 and is great news for bloggers.

Gutenberg introduces content blocks, which will make users unfamiliar with WordPress more comfortable with blogging. This could introduce even more users to the CMS.


Tide is another fascinating addition to WordPress which will help it rule the web in 2018. This program is designed to find out the defects and gaps in the CMS so that it can be molded into a better shape for the future.

This will make it one of the best software and help it beat its competitors like Wix and Squarespace. Tide works by running tests against the themes and plugins present in the WordPress’s library thus, offering a complete scan of the WordPress functional features.

Offering version 4.7 video headers

Using video is a great way to enhance your content. Digital marketers, designers, advertisers, and everyone in between, is focusing on video and WordPress is no different in this regard.

WordPress will introduce video headers in Version 4.7. This will make adding and displaying video much easier and will result in more people interacting and engaging with your content.

Mobile non-responsiveness

The biggest concern of the present era is that people are using mobile devices more and more. This is important for any site owner because all content needs to be responsive.

Websites with outdated designs and themes do not respond properly to mobile platforms and most certainly be penalized by Google as well. There is no excuse for WordPress web developers and admins to ignore this trend. Hence, WordPress has decided to pay much more importance to mobile-first themes in 2018.


The better the administrative tasks of the website, the better it is going to run, right? This is a notion by which mostly all of the users abide by. A program that offers good setup and maintenance options tends to run better.

The WordPress developers acknowledge this fact and so they have worked in order to develop a tool that smoothens the administrative task for the developers. It is known as the WP-CLI developer tool. It makes it easy to use the website. Another fancy benefit of this tool is that you can add built-in-commands in the input section. Once done, the tasks are then completed instantly according to the command.


One of the major problems that are being faced by public these days is that people have security issues. Security has become the basic need and first priority of people and WordPress totally understands this! It has already started working on it and its target for 2018 is to make ensure the security of public data and information completely.

WordPress has reinforced the commitment of GDPR Compliance Team to enhance and improve privacy standards, that spans four areas:

  1.    Adding tools which will permit the WordPress admins to gather the records they need about their websites.
  2.    Analyzing the plugin guidelines on account of the privacy concerns
  3.    Creating documentation focused on privacy concerns
  4.    Improving privacy standards in WordPress Core


Though the REST API hasn’t been discussed in a long time, it is still a huge win for WordPress. The security issues faced by the REST API are compensated by the security updates offered by WordPress creating a win-win situation for both of them. Thus, it definitely looks like they are going to burn the candle at both ends in 2018.

Moving Foward

In addition to all this, WordPress is very clear in its vision. Since the CMS has been formed it is continuously evolving and at a great speed. They have not only been working to make just their firm better but has also put an equal effort in its marketing which is a huge and necessary chunk of any competitive firm that aims to lead all other organizations.

It is also expected that WordPress will team up with Magento developer from companies in 2018. We can’t wait to see WordPress take over the remaining 70 percent of the web.

Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Magentodevelopers, elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.

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17 Ways to Get Design Inspiration from Other Websites

17 Ways to Get Design Inspiration from Other Websites

As you peruse the WPMU DEV blog, you’ll find that many of the articles include example screenshots from websites that execute a particular design technique well. After all, what better way to demonstrate a point than by providing a real-life example of a web design strategy or technique? But WordPress blogs aside, there are many […]

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How Toolset’s Post Relationships and Repeatable Field Groups Help Build Advanced Websites

How Toolset’s Post Relationships and Repeatable Field Groups Help Build Advanced Websites

Post relationships allow you to create connections between your custom post types. Using them means you can eliminate data duplication, meaning each element only needs to be edited once.

Once you have created your post relationships you, of course, will need to add content to your custom post types which will be useful for the user. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using repeatable field groups. Repeatable field groups let you add a set of fields to a custom post type as many times as you need without having to recreate them one by one.

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One Way to Whitelist and Blacklist Blocks in Gutenberg

How to Disable Push Notification Requests in Firefox

Gutenberg ships with a number of blocks but what if your client or project doesn’t need most of them? The Gutenberg Handbook explains how to create a whitelist and a blacklist for blocks but in some circumstances, Gutenberg does not respect the allowed_block_types filter.

Jason Bahl, a WordPress Engineer at Digital First Media, published a tutorial that explains how to whitelist and blacklist blocks using a filterable, localized array.

One thing to keep in mind is that Gutenberg development is in a high state of flux and Bahl warns that his technique is fragile and will likely cause things to break over time. He suggests keeping a close eye on Gutenberg development to see how blacklisting/whitelisting evolves in the plugin.

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WordCamp US 2018 is Accepting Speaker Proposals Until July 1st

WordCamp US 2018 is Accepting Speaker Proposals Until July 1st

WordCamp US has announced it is accepting speaker proposals until July 1st, 11:59p.m. CDT. The event takes place December 7-9, 2018, in Nashville, TN.

Those interested in speaking can submit an application through the Call for Speakers site. The site contains session ideas, a list of speaker benefits, and tips for submissions.

To see a list of sessions and speakers from last year’s event, check out the 2017 WordCamp US website.

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