5 Biggest Mistakes You Probably Make Managing Ads on WordPress

WordPress advertising can do one of two things for you – drive your website and company’s growth, or destroy it. This is why digital advertising is both a blessing and a curse and requires plenty of attention if you want to get the best of it. Regardless of the quality of products or services you offer, learning how to manage ads on WordPress is key to increasing traffic and an investment return.

A well-managed campaign can bring a fortune to your business. It all comes down to what you know about advertising. Instead of teaching you the many do’s of WordPress advertising, you first need to start with the don’ts.

Mistake 1: Using the Wrong Keyword Match

There are several ways you can use to add keywords to your campaign. You can use a phrase match, broad match, or exact match.

  • A phrase match will make the keyword phrase show up in the exact same form once a person enters it, no exceptions.
  • A broad match will make sure that people find your ads by using any of the keywords in the search, regardless of their order.
  • An exact match requires the exact same keyword, requiring more precise keywords and ads.

The most difficult part here is – there isn’t one definitive answer as to which one you should choose. Yet, the type of match you use for your keyword phrases can truly influence the ads. While a phrase and exact match are known to provide a higher conversion rate, a broad match delivers a much bigger number of impressions.

At the end, it all comes down to the number of people in your target audience and your strategy.

Tip: One recommended way to find the best match is to start with exact and phrase matches, and later expand to broad when and if needed.

Mistake 2: Wrong Keyword Grouping

A huge part of every advertising strategy is the grouping of the keywords. Depending on the app you use for ads and keywords, you can create different ad groups and therefore, separate campaigns.

For example, it is recommended to create a separate content campaign and a different product campaign. Knowing this, you must not make a mistake by grouping the wrong keywords into ad groups.

‘‘The biggest mistake webmasters do is choosing the exact same keywords for everything. If you use the same keywords in the content, in the ads, and even the photo descriptions, you are limiting your chances of being found online. This is the rule of thumb of keyword creation – break them up into different groups’’ – says Janet Jesse, content writer and WordPress expert at aussiewritings.com.

Of course, this does not mean that you should use completely different keywords throughout your website. Instead, it means that you should customize the ads to fit the term being the search for, and not group everything together underneath one copy.

Tip: We recommend using a maximum of 15-20 keywords in an ad group. If this is too limited for you, create a new limit. But make sure you stand by it.

Mistake 3: Forgetting to Use Negative Keywords

Another common mistake is not using negative keywords. WordPress ads allow users to use negative keywords, in the sense that you work in excluding those that are a bad match for the specific product or service.

When you forget to do this, your ads will show up on searches that are not related to your business, and cannot possibly lead to conversions.

Tip: Dig deeply into Google Analytics to get some information about the specific keyword searches in the field. This should point out to the keywords that don’t bring conversions. Once you find the negative keyword, eliminate it from the campaign.

Mistake 4: Use of Pixilated Ads

When people advertise, they are aiming to promote a brand over the internet. If you don’t want to look unprofessional and create a campaign that looks rushed, you need high-quality ads.

Tip: Fortunately, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to achieve this. There are many tools that can help you create pixilated and quality ads, such as Canva and Fiverr.

Mistake 5: Lack of Ad Consistency across Platforms

Once you are done selecting and grouping the keywords, as well as creating quality ads, you must focus on the online profiles and where you actually place those ads. Many webmasters make the mistake of underestimating the power of inconsistency and neglect their online profiles.

Building credibility is tough, but once you remain consistent in the eyes of the customers, you can create an excellent campaign.

Tip: Make sure to schedule your ads on all online platforms to avoid forgetting about one or two.


Before you even start planning your ad campaign and learn the tips for WordPress advertising, make sure you follow these recommendations and avoid the 5 mistakes people make when advertising online.

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