Comment on Top 5 Mistakes for your WordPress Website Security by Shivam Sahu

Hi Adriana,

Indeed a great list of common WordPress security mistakes.

A couple of days back I faced a situation where there was some unwanted ads being displayed on my blog and that was something I did not install. When inspected I found that there was a lot of unwanted codes that were injected into the WordPress theme files and other main files.

On further inspection I found out the following 3 things which were the reasons for this:

1). Not updating the other WordPress installation, plugins and themes that are being run from the same hosting account if you are using a shared hosting
2). Optimizepress 1.0 is known to have a security issue and they have released an update to it. This doesn’t update in the normal updates from your wordpress dashboard. You might want to update it manually, if you haven’t done it yet.

3). Not Cleaning and optimizing your database periodically

4). Leaving the default themes like twentyeleven etc. as it is and not updating them. This primarily happens if you are using a different theme and these default themes just remain there.

5). Not uninstalling plugins that haven’t been updated for a long time by its creators.

These are prone to attacks. A couple of solutions that I found was installing plugin like Wordfence or, Bullet Proof Security or, Better WP security.

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